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2024 Schedule

  • CL: Targets CL Paper 2                

  • HCL: Targets both CL and HCL Paper 2

  • CL C: Targets CL Composition and CL Oral    

  • HCL C: Targets both CL & HCL Composition and CL Oral

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Sec 1 Prep Class 2023

We will be organizing a Sec 1 Prep Class (S1PC) after the PSLE Exam, to give your child a headstart in the coming 2024 Sec 1 class. This 5 weeks' S1PC class will commence on Sun 22 Oct 2023, 11.15am - 1.15pm (2-hour lesson) till 26 Nov 2023,  taught by Ms. Jenny Wong. 

The teaching materials will be based on the latest Secondary Chinese Syllabus (both Express &  HCL).   

Content is as follows:
1. Understand the essential comprehension techniques needed for Sec sch;
2. Introduce oral topics with higher order thinking skills relevant for Sec sch;
3. Differentiate the various types of zuowen (记叙文/议论文)& emails (私人电邮/公务电邮);
4. Learn Unit 1 of both Express & HCL textbook. Includes 2024's new O Level requirement - 词语替换 & get a glimpse of HCL's病句改正


Through this class, pupils can make better decision if they should take up HCL in 2024 when their PSLE results are out.
Kindly advise if you are keen to register your child in this programme as it will be on a first come, first serve basis. 

Thank you.
Tongxin Learning Centre

PSLE preparation classes for
P5 & P6 Pupils 2024

Tongxin Learning Centre will be offering essential learning packages during the June holidays to equip your child with the skills to handle PSLE effectively. 


1. 5A & 5B Vocabulary Revision Class for P6 pupils

  • Words learnt at Primary 5 level will be tested in PSLE. However, how much can your child actually remember after a year? This class will revisit and revise the words found in their 5A & 5B textbook.

  • *Current P5 pupils can sign up for 5A revision classes.

2. Comprehension Classes for P6 pupils

  • In this class, pupils will be taught how to tackle CL comprehension questions, the most challenging section in Paper 2 for most pupils.

As slots are limited, it will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Feel free to call us at 97818435 to find out more and register with us.

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Show ProgrammeShow and Tell & Public Speaking Programme


There are 3 levels for the Public Speaking Course. So far, a few batches of Tongxin pupils have finished the Basic and Intermediate level. Coach Hakim will be conducting the different levels and starting a new Basic class from Sep holidays as he is currently very busy with the PSLE Oral Masterclasses. 

Basic Classes:
1 hr x 4 weeks $220
Sep Hols 
Min. 4 to start a class. 

Intermediate Classes:
1 hr x 4 weeks $240
Sep Hols
Min. 4 to start a class. 

Advance Classes:
1 hr x 8 weeks $488
After PSLE 
Min. 4 to start a class. 

Show and Tell 
(4 EL 4 CL) 
1 hr x 8 weeks $488
Min. 4 to start a class.

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