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For a few years, my child had been attending lessons at another Chinese Language tuition centre, but did not see much improvement in his CL grades. When I learnt that Mdm Wong and Mr Goh, who were former teachers from Maha Bodhi School, are tutoring in 童心园, I immediately transferred him here. 

Mdm Wong and Mr Goh are great tutors. They adopt a very systematic approach, and taught very useful techniques to achieve higher marks for Oral, Composition and Paper 2. My child also showed more interest in Chinese Language in general.

My child really enjoyed his lessons in 童心园. Thanks to the teachers’ guidance and encouragement, my child did very well for his PSLE.

Mrs Koh (Alrik’s Mum)


Aiden had not been doing well in his Chinese, and had obtained only 57.8 for his SA1. He was weak in the language and was constantly scoring in the range of 60s even during Primary 5.

After 2 months of lessons with Huang Laoshi and Wu Laoshi, we were pleasantly surprised when he scored 72.8 for his Prelims in August. He eventually obtained an A at the PSLE. 

I credit his huge improvement to the dedicated teachers at Tongxin. They were firm yet nurturing, and possess a comprehensive knowledge of the PSLE requirements. Given their extensive experience, my son was lucky to benefit through tried-and-tested method of learning the language, hence enabling him to perform in the composition, oral and paper 2 aspects of the exam. We are forever grateful to have discovered Tongxin at the eleventh hour!

Mdm Lee (Aiden’s Mum)


I got to know the centre through my children actually! They shared that they were operated by ex-teachers from Maha Bodhi school.  

Without any doubt, I know that 童心园 is the right place for my children to excel in their Chinese language, as both teachers are experienced and will be able to guide through the school and PSLE expectations.

Beside having vast experience to impart,the teachers make the class lively. Both my children always look forward to attend each lesson. The teachers are encouraging and motivate them to excel.

Through their guidance and curriculum, both my children improve in their Grades from B to A.

I highly recommend 童心园 to any parents that is exploring options. Your kids will be rewarded through an enriching learning experience.

Mdm Ng (Ashley’s Mum)


When I knew that Mdm Jenny Wong and Mr Goh are the tutors in the then newly opened 童心园, I immediately went to the centre to enquire about the programme and enrolled my two children into童心园. Through my children who are studying in Maha Bodhi School, I was told that Mdm Jenny Wong and Mr Goh are two very dedicated and caring teachers, most importantly they are well liked by all students whom they have taught before.

Both my children were in Mdm Jenny Wong’s tuition class. She is patient in coaching the techniques on tackling comprehension, and her classes were never boring. For composition, my son showed great interest in writing and was inspired to improve his writing to achieve high marks, and he did it! They also received close guidance from Mdm Jenny Wong in a small class size.

I greatly appreciate the effort put in by all the teachers and staff from童心园. Whenever I need advice from them about the progress of my kids, they are very approachable.  Thank you!

Mrs Chionh (Teng Hui’s  Mum)

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